Garage Doors Opener

Garage Doors OpenerThe main problem in case of repairing garage door openers is to comprehend the reason for its break down. Garage door Seattle can deal with automatic garage door opener repair service be it residential or commercial. Our technicians are experts in troubleshooting after quickly identifying the problem. A screw drive, used in the door opener needs the least of maintenance as they are very powerful and has couple of parts that can be mended in a jiffy. This kind of system uses lifting mechanism that moves along with a threaded steel rod. They are little slow and but noisy and depends a lot on tiny parts which when replaced can make the entire set good as new.

The jack shaft is another alternative to the traditional door opener when they don’t fit in with new doors that are very stylish and newly produced by brands. This option is mostly used in places where sufficient space is not available for traditional garage doors. Maintaining the right model of a jack shaft with an older garage door is the actual trick that professionals from our company need to resolve during their emergency visits. If there is a mismatch the garage door will simply not open or close. It is quite another problem if doors make a humming or grinding noise. The stripped gears need to be checked during the planned trips for a smooth running pair of garage doors.

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